Pond Calls

Koi Expert Dr. Erik Johnson

Splendor Koi & Pond is proud to offer a special resource for our customers providing valuable information from one of the countries’ most authoritative Koi specialists, Dr. Erik Johnson. Nationally recognized as one of the leading authorities on Koi health, and host of the #1 Koi website on the internet: http://www.koivet.com.

Dr. Johnson is the author of more than four books on the subject as well as countless magazine articles for the last ten years in the field. He was the first private practitioner to develop, describe and perform routine surgeries on Koi and pond fish and has taught courses at the University of Georgia, University of Phoenix, Oregon State University and Hofstra University in New York to name a few.

Dr. Johnson has given up travel and so will only be available for exclusive consultation in his home state – which is a lucky thing for Splendor Koi.

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