Sick Fish

Sick Koi FishFish get sick, just like people do. Here at Splendor Koi and Pond, our business requires us to be able to recognize, identify, and treat a variety of illnesses and health problems that arise in koi and other fish. While we stress that we are not veterinarians, we can provide basic diagnostic services and medications.

If you suspect your fish are ill, don’t wait! Time is not on your side. By the time a fish starts showing obvious symptoms, it is already severely ill and will not get better of its own accord. Immediate action must be taken in order to give your fish the best chances of survival, and to ensure the health of your other animals.

Help! I think my fish is sick!

First, DO NOT isolate the animal in question. Most fish illnesses are spread long before the fish begin showing symptoms. By the time symptoms appear, it is safe to assume that the entire pond is contaminated. Isolating the fish from the rest of its school will only add more stress to the animal, increasing risk of death.

Take a clear image of the animal if at all possible. if symptoms are behavioral (unusual swimming pattern, spastic movements, twitching, etc.), take a video that clearly shows the behavior in question.

If a fish veterinarian is not available, contact us. We will provide an on-site consultation and will recommend what products to use to best treat your fish, as well as advice on how to avoid future outbreaks. We can administer treatment if desired. However, due to the sensitive nature of fish, we require a waiver of liability before any treatment is administered.

PLEASE DO NOT BRING SICK FISH INTO OUR STORE. Not only does this place unneeded stress on your already weakened fish, it also jeopardizes the health of our collection. If your fish is sick, please call us at 770-321-FISH and we will discuss an on-site illness consultation, where we will visit your pond to assess your fish and discuss treatment options. Sick fish consultations are $250 plus time and travel.

Commonly diagnosed ailments include:

  • Parasites: Anchor worms, Ich, Flukes, Costia, Fish Lice, Chilodonella, Apiosoma
  • Bacterial Infections: Ulcers, Fin rot, Internal infections
  • Fungal Infections: Swimmer’s Gill, Cotton Ball Disease

Preventing Illness:

Fish get sick because of one reason: stress. Fish are extremely sensitive to their environment, and so any change or degradation of their home will make them more susceptible to illness.

Sources of stress include:

  • Poor Water Quality (Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, PH, etc.)
  • Parasites from new fish
  • Poor Husbandry or Unclean Environment

Regular maintenance and water testing will prevent illness from taking control of your pond. Splendor Koi and Pond offers regular and one-time maintenance plans. Here are some articles we’ve provided for you to be be able to identify and possibly treat common ailments and potential hazards.

Parasite Information:
Other Threats: